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Project Management

Building an excellent digital system or a solution requires good overview of the field and a strong project manager. Lexinnotech provides you with specialist who takes care of your idea. Lexinnotech is your project manager assesses sectors background for your project, helps to reach your goals and deliver the requested digital product(s).

Product Development

We build digital and automated solutions based on your particular need. Our systems are designed in a way to change the current business model for better and, at the same time, it also provides revenue and value-producing opportunities. Our mission is to help you generate and offer better services to your clients.

Legal Assessment

Each system is based on technical rules and applicable legal rules. Lexinnotech Legal Team follows entire digital transformation process assessing the legal risks of transactions, starting with the legal principles applied in the architecture of the system and ending with the delivery of the final assessment of the product.

eTraings for no IT experts

One of the factors that negatively influences success of innovative projects is related to lack of knowledge of experienced people from the field. There is often a gap between what the professionals want to be done and what they are able to explain to technology experts. We help minimise this gap via training. Lexinnotech eTraing courses are mainly provided via Zoom videoconferencing and face-to-face courses are offered by request.

Meet our visible team

LEXINNOTECH Brain Team is composed, among others, by database engineers, data scientists, connectivity engineers, product developers etc. Our team is based all over Europe with strong hold in Estonia. We provide services globally. Furthermore, as we often work for our customers who are entities or public authorities and digitalisation is often part of their PR campaign, we keep low profile and focus on our job. Therefore, our team is not entirely visible. Our customers will get to know the "Brain Team" related to his or her project during the vetting and negotiation phase.
Kätlin Joala

Kätlin Joala

CEO and Legal expert, (LLM) Innovation Technology and Law
Rando Pärna

Rando Pärna

CFO and Market Analyst

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The first thing to understand is that one single piece of program or module is not a digital system or an automated system. People are often knocking on the doors of developers asking to buy Read more…

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We know that you are busy and often the only time to have a chat is after normal office overs. Do not worry, let's chat in the evening or early in the morning gif you prefer! Please send us information about your availability and we'll come back to you within 48h. Please be aware that our time zones may not always be the same. Therefore, be ready to get our first e-mail, for instance, at 4 AM by your time.

Find us at the office

Our virtual meetings take place on Zoom (teleconference). If you are used to use another channel then please let us know and we'll try to accommodate you. The first meeting is always free of charge and  lasts up to 40 minutes. 

In order to assure that our fist meeting will be very productive, please share with us, in your request, a bit of background information about you, such as:

  • field of activity; and
  • what is your business idea or a problem that must be solved? 

That information enables us to prepare for the meeting and select the right person who under normal circumstances will also become your project manager if you'll decide to go along with us.  

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