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Our main focus is on EU market and countries like Norway, Switzerland. Currently, we are expanding our coverage to new markets like Africa and Uzbekistan.


Our innovation network provides smart ideas on how to create business opportunities in times where increasing capital or additional workforce are not effective solutions anymore.

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Innovation is a core element of business necessity. Creating an innovation based business model is a challenge for every senior manager. This requires deep understanding and knowledge, among others, about business development, legal aspects and new product and process development challenges.

Indeed, implementing innovation in company, it has its price but consider how expensive it would be to stop innovating.

We provide you with external ideas and technologies. Due to the open innovation principle, our proposed solutions offer the prospect of lower costs for innovation, faster times to market, and the chance to share risks with others.

Kätlin Joala

Innovation, Technology & Law, LLM


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The European Partnerships are approaches provided by Horizon Europe, the new EU research and innovation programme (2021-2027)…

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LexInnoTech is an organisation helping to predict and shape future. For over 20 years, businesses, governments and social impact organisations have depended upon LexInnoTech team members’ global forecasts, custom research, and training programmes.

Among our staff are experienced people representing a range of disciplines from the social science, public policy, and technical domain. Our network extends to include affiliates, bringing a diversity of perspectives and experience to research and events.