The first thing to understand is that one single piece of program or module is not a digital system or an automated system. People are often knocking on the doors of developers asking to buy a system that is used e.g. by their competitor. Unfortunately, this way of digitalisation like buying ‘one-fits-all’ solution mostly not the best option or sometimes even not possible at all due to e.g. complexity of different related databases that must interact with each other.

For instance, we have some very good examples like Trumpauto that is a comprehensive software for car repairs workshops but even in their case sometime extra integrations to other softwares and process must be done. Only then can the client on Trumpauto save time and work mostly within on one information system.

What is a project and why you need LEXINNOTECH?

A project is often composed by several software modules. Complexity of carrying out a project is based on the fact that not all pieces of software that are bundled together are always developed by a same developer. Also the quality of the system is important. Quality in this context does not mean only protection of the network and data (cybersecurity) but also its sustainability. This means that due to change applicable legal rules the system should not be replaced by a new paid version.

LEXINNOTECH Team’s task is to assess all the risks involved and to build or recommend a ‘turn-key’ solution. Our goal is provide client with full package solution – software developers, legal help eg. on IP contracts etc. In order to understand how we can best help you we invite you to have a meeting with us. Send a request by e-mail together with your availability and we’ll come back to within 48h.

Before our meeting

Step one: Everything starts with a clear and understandable purpose – what is the ‘idea’ of your new business? or what problem you want to solve? For instance, when someone says that he or she needs a ‘thing that holds water then it can be a glass, a pot or a swimming pool.

Sept two: You have to think who might be your potential customers – who are your customers? It is an important question in terms of architecture of the system because, for instance, if your new system starts giving intensive commands to your workers or customers, who know exactly what and when they have to do something, then this system may become disturbing or annoying after which workers or clients just may stop using it.

Step three: Every project needs a person who is allowed to make decisions when management of the client is not available or the project is standing on crossroads. Accurate and on timely input from client’s office safeguards duly delivery of the end product.

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