It can be said that LEXINNOTECH presents a Team who helps turning ‘science fiction’ into reality. Our main task is not to replace humans by smart machines but rather to build secure and trustworthy environment where human-centric-approach is respected. We believe that now it is the time to accept the fact that many jobs and tasks can be delegated to systems or machines and therefore there is no need to waste experienced human beings’ time.

For many years, our team was looking for a concept how to emerge different fields of science and business into one. It has not been an easy task. For instance, the concept of health informations and bio-medical computing began to find a permanent position among academic interest group already in 60s and hospitals decided to start using its benefits around 70s. While, in 2018, health care digitalisation is still not reachable to all patients. A good news is that by taking small baby steps, we’re getting there. eHealth record is probably most advanced project in that field, while, genetic based personalised medicine is also approaching.

The main aim of LEXINNOTECH Team is to fill a cap between scientists, technology experts and business managers. It is needed due to different interest and understanding of those parties. From our experience, we can state today that lack of communication ability of different parties has become one of the main obstacle boosting innovation in complicated field. The one goal of LEXINNOTECH therefore is ‘translate business opportunities and IT messages’ between different parties in a way that we are enable to find or create the best digital solution for you which also enhance yours consumers’ welfare.

The quality of the system is the second important goal for LEXINNOTEC. It’s absolutely top one priority for LEXINNOTECH. This means our task is to build systems which are flexible taking into account evaluation of life, such as market changes, changes in politics that influence legal rules and principles. We believe that real world and digital world should exist in the way that humans (customers, employees etc.) can act and think in the same ways in both environments. This means our goal is to build an environment where humans and machines work together and where humans can augment machines and machines enhance what humans do the best.

To sum up, LEXINNOTECH Team looks forward to working with you! Our contribution is important – in order to become tomorrow’s leaders you should embrace collaborative intelligence (humans and digital systems), transforming your operations, your markets, your industries and your workforces. “We build your future”

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